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Empower Your Team's Collaboration with Jira Work Management

Achieve efficient work delivery and streamline collaboration with Jira Work Management, offered by Amrut Software. Our comprehensive platform aligns teams, simplifies task management, and drives projects to success.
Pick a view, any view

We’ve got views for days – and weeks, months, quarters, and beyond


Track and edit your work or related projects faster than ever with in-line editing.


View and manage tasks across time and schedules to hit your deadlines.


Plan and establish dependencies to allocate work and map out larger projects.


Track work all the way to completion through your team’s custom workflow.
Build better teamwork

Bring order to chaos with connected workflows

Streamline how teams work together and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Create custom workflows for any process with the unparalleled customizability of Jira

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Empower Every Business Team

Designed for business teams like yours

Whether you’re just getting started, or looking to switch to a more fast, flexible ITSM solution, Jira Service Management comes with the features you need to unlock your teams.

Effortless Task Creation and Management

With Jira Work Management, creating and managing tasks becomes quick and hassle-free. The in-line editing feature allows you to focus on what truly matters for your team's success.

Stay on Top of Deadlines with Calendar Integration

The intuitive calendar feature in Jira Work Management helps you visualize and manage your team's work effectively. You can easily stay organized, meet deadlines, and keep everyone aligned and productive.

Gain a Big Picture View with Timeline Visualization

For larger projects, the comprehensive overview feature provides a clear picture of the project's progress. You can allocate work, map dependencies, and effortlessly visualize project milestones, enabling better planning and execution.

Simplify Work Tracking with Agile Boards

Jira Work Management offers Agile boards that enable you to track tasks from 'to-do' to 'done' seamlessly. These boards are suitable for any workflow, allowing you to stay organized and ensure smooth progress.

Effortless Request Tracking with Custom Forms

Our drag-and-drop form builder simplifies the request tracking process. You can create customized forms aligned with your business needs, making request management a breeze.

Customized Jira Templates for Various Teams

We offer carefully crafted Jira templates tailored to different business needs, such as Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Design, Finance, Legal, and Sales. These templates empower your teams to collaborate effectively and achieve remarkable results.

Why Choose Amrut Software for Jira Work Management Implementation?


Our streamlined Jira services ensure maximum productivity and efficient work management. We help you optimize your workflows and enhance collaboration within your organization.


With extensive expertise, we deliver top-notch Atlassian services backed by years of experience. Our team of professionals is well-versed in implementing Jira Work Management for various industries and business needs.

Platinum Partner

As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we have the expertise to provide you with the best solutions and guidance for Jira Work Management implementation. Our certified consultants ensure that you receive exceptional service and support.


We understand that every organization is unique. That's why we offer tailored Jira services to meet your specific needs, ensuring a customized approach that aligns with your goals and objectives.


Trust us to effectively manage and optimize your growing infrastructure. We ensure scalability and seamless growth, allowing you to expand your operations confidently.

"The team at Amrut Software worked closely with us to migrate Jira and Confluence to cloud. They first went through rigorous meetings and talked to our users in a pursuit to understand our entire estate. Then, they put together a detailed plan and went through various UAT cycles before moving into production."

Ravi Shekaran | Director – Digital Service Delivery, Taylor & Francis Informa Group

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As one of first Atlassian’s Platinum partners, our team of experts give you hassle-free and simplified licensing process experience - from buying to management to renewal - and tailored to fit your business.

Take your work management to new heights with Jira Work Management and Amrut Software. Contact us today at sales@amrutsoftware.ae to schedule a demo or consultation and unlock the full potential of your business. Experience the cutting-edge platform designed to revolutionize the way teams collaborate and excel in their projects.