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Chat & Email Support

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Social Media Support

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Easy Ticketing

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Inbound Call center

Our solutions and services help you to gain better “Customer Support”

Some customers are comfortable calling customer support, some prefer chat or email while others simply want to interact via social media. The way customer support has evolved, support teams must handle requests from several different communication channels.

We help to create a personalized experience using the right blend of technology, human intelligence and customer support tools like Zendesk, FreshDesk etc.

  • Manage large volumes of tickets
  • Customize and automate the ticketing system
  • Create a complete dashboard to view, assign, and track task.
  • Customize your workspace to focus on most important tasks.
  • Access the system anytime, anywhere with the help of cloud services.

Our WhatsAppConnect Tool integration with helps to funnel all conversations into one single channel and helps CSRs to respond to queries effectively and quickly to different channels from one unified platform.

We automate the processes so that your customers’ queries are taken care of as quickly as possible. Automation helps to improve response time, reducing customer complaints and can free your staff to do more work at the same volume and give employees the freedom to focus on customer interactions and satisfaction. How do we help?

  • Auto-Responders
  • Canned Responses
  • Bots & Live Chat Support
  • Customize your workspace to focus on most important tasks.
  • Automated Repetitive Task
  • Automated Workflows
We create an automated self-service through a website or mobile app for simple tasks. Our inhouse and OEM tools help create these apps to resolve issues via ticketing mechanisms.

A well-crafted FAQ section can keep many visitors from bouncing off your site. Ensure your CSRs are updating this support channel frequently. Record customer queries, be as accurate and specific as possible and empower customers to resolve challenges on their own.

Customers at ASPL have appreciated the agile way of tracking customer issues via ticketing and monitoring the process on a regular basis. Evaluating your team’s volume by channel, tracking busiest hours, and following trending can help optimize results.

Customer Support

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Use Cases

Real Results, Real Success Stories

Collaborative team work and healthy family environment helps company and the employees to grow together for a a better tomorrow.

A large price comparison website from Europe lacked good product content with few prices for a significant number of its SKUs which led to low customer retention and conversions.

An E-tailer from the US which sells its own private label on their website and other ecommerce platforms was finding it difficult with product performance on their website with poor quality images.

One of India's biggest luxury product platforms was struggling to organize, manage and conduct quality checks on SKU's from their vendors to be listed on their website.

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