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Windows Monitoring






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Nagios XI™

Gain extended insight into your network with enterprise-class network monitoring, alerting, and analysis.

Nagios Network Analyzer™

Monitor network traffic, bandwidth, and flow analysis for your entire IT infrastructure.

Nagios Log Server™

Optimize your log data. Monitor, manage, visualize, archive, analyze, and alert on all your log data.

Nagios Fusion™

Simplify distributed network monitoring. Visualize and manage all your Nagios monitoring systems from a single screen.

Discover the capabilities that Nagios brings to your IT landscape

Windows Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on your Windows systems to ensure they're running smoothly.

Windows Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on your Windows systems to ensure they're running smoothly.

Windows Monitoring

Keep a vigilant eye on your Windows systems to ensure they're running smoothly.

Application Monitoring

Ensure your applications are running at their best, delivering a seamless user experience.

SNMP Monitoring

Gain insight into your network devices with SNMP monitoring for proactive issue resolution.

Log Monitoring

Stay on top of system events and security by monitoring logs effectively.

Leverage the Power of Nagios XI™

Server Management

Performance and Scalability: Nagios XI™ utilizes the Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine, ensuring efficient, scalable monitoring for all your network infrastructure.

User-Friendly Interface: Experience an updated web interface with an intuitive dashboard that provides a high-level overview of your network, enhancing ease of use.

Advanced Graphs and Visualizations: Visualize the status of your monitoring infrastructure with comprehensive performance graphs and visualizations, ensuring quick incident resolution.

Performance and Capacity Planning: Automated trending and capacity planning graphs enable proactive infrastructure upgrades, preventing unexpected downtime.

Configuration Wizards: Easily configure network devices with UI-based Configuration Wizards. Tailor Nagios XI™ to your specific needs with minimal effort.

Infrastructure Management Efficiently manage large infrastructures with Bulk-Host Import, Auto-Discovery, Automatic Decommissioning, and Mass Acknowledgment tools.

Configuration Snapshot Archive: Access past configuration snapshots to revert to previous settings in case of issues, ensuring a reliable monitoring setup.

Advanced User ManagementStreamline user account setup and management with custom roles and notification preferences for a secure environment.

Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Reports: Measure the effectiveness of hosts, services, and business processes to ensure SLAs are met. Schedule reports for network performance statistics.

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