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Experience The Power of DevOps with GitLab and Amplify Your Software Development

Amrut Software offers customized DevOps solutions across various industries and use cases. As an official alliance partner, we empower you to unlock the full potential of GitLab and revolutionize your software development lifecycle.
Why GitLab Stands Out?

GitLab is the ultimate DevOps Platform, empowering businesses to accelerate software delivery while prioritizing security and compliance. By choosing GitLab, you gain access to an array of benefits:

Enhance efficiency in software development with a robust DevOps Platform.

Seamlessly manage the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Streamline your CI/CD pipeline for efficient software delivery.

Experience comprehensive planning and issue tracking.

Utilize a powerful source code management system.

Benefit from integrated package management for a reliable software supply chain

Strengthen application security to deliver robust and secure solutions

Facilitate streamlined deployments with minimal manual intervention.

Achieve unified administration and governance.

Embrace an open-source and community-driven approach.

Begin Your DevOps Journey with GitLab

At Amrut Software, as an esteemed GitLab partner, we bring extensive expertise in DevOps and GitLab to help you revolutionize your software development process

Why Choose Amrut Software for your Atlassian needs?

Choose Amrut Software as your Atlassian Solution Partner in UAE and EMEA Region for the following reasons:


With 18 years as an Atlassian partner, we have a proven track record of empowering success with Atlassian tools.


Our Atlassian experts deliver extraordinary results and ensure the optimal use of Atlassian products.


We provide custom solutions tailored to your unique needs and business processes.

Competitive Pricing

Enjoy unbeatable pricing without compromising on quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer-centric approach ensures that your success is our top priority.

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